SuperFreakonomics—by—Steven Levitt


Global Cooling, Patriotic Prostitutes And Why Suicide Bombers Should Buy Life Insurance


SuperFreakonomics—by—Steven Levitt

Date Read

January 15th - January 18th (2017)


SuperFreaknomics is the sequel to the book Freakonomics. This book helps the reader to understand different day-to-day situations and cases with the concept of ‘human incentive’.

Book Review 

Though Levitt’s ‘SuperFreakonomics’ was much bolder than its prequel ‘Freakonomics’ personally I liked the Levitt’s prequel more.

In the genre of economics-related books, would definitely rate this book 3 out 5

Favourite Quotes

“Most of us want to fix or change the world in some fashion. But to change the world, you first have to understand it.”  - Steven Levitt

In the United States especially, politics and economics don’t mix well. Politicians have all sorts of reasons to pass all sorts of laws that, as well-meaning as they may be, fail to account for the way real people respond to real-world incentives.” 
- Steven Levitt

“Deliberate practice has three key components: setting specific goals; obtaining immediate feedback; and concentrating as much on technique as on outcome.”     
- Steven Levitt

About the Author
Steven Levitt is an American economist. He is the William B. Ogden distinguished service professor at the Chicago School of Economics.


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